Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Rode with the Spin group tonight. First shop ride of the season, and there was a pretty nice turnout. It was uber-windy heading out, so it made for a nice ride home. There were a few short climbs, I felt pretty strong on them, but man I really need to get serious about dropping that winter weight off. We also went paris-roubaix style. Turning off of riverside after climbing hospital hill onto a brick road.

I thought we would just ride easy on the bricks, but all of a sudden everyone just takes off like a madman, and we're cruising on the bricks at 30mph. I think my organs are still shaking.

Went over to Sullivans afterwards for some tasty Guiness. The best after ride beverage in my book.

Lots of working this weekend for the sale. So there probably won't be too much riding.

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