Sunday, April 19, 2009



70 degrees

23 starters

2 primes

1 wimpy drag race

A couple laps in, and the bell rings for the prime. I'm at the front and pick up the pace a bit. End up picking it up a little too much and form a small gap and what do you know? I run into Greg Flecher from stark. We just looked at each other and said, lets do this. Greg and I worked and held off the pack with the help of our teammates doing a good job controlling things back in the field. We decided to go for the drag race at the end. Ive ridden with greg alot, and know he'd kick my butt. But I'm quite happy with my 2nd place. And JV held on for 4th.


55 degrees

few more starters

1 prime

1 box of matches burnt

Felt like being aggressive. 1st lap Brett takes off and I go after him, and we get the pace going pretty good. I rode the front and tried doing a couple flyers, all of which were countered. Lots of attacks from everyone actually, with no one ever really getting away. Aussie Rob from sssmst did a nice little time trial though and held it until about 400m from the finish. Last lap I'm up front again. Brett who went down with ted pablo (hope hes not too hurt!) took the lead to help save my legs for the leadout. After Brett goes, my last match dies, and Stark flys by. And then everyone else zooms by.

Despite the lack of placement. I think our team did a great job by being pretty aggressive.

Can't wait for some races with some climbs!

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