Sunday, April 26, 2009

2 Great Days, 2 Great Races

85 degrees and sunny.- with quite a bit of wind.
Warming up, my teammate/co-worker Steve Heim says 'when are you going to attack'.... Well, I had no set plan to attack at any certain time, but the 2nd lap felt like a better time than never. Got a fun little jump, before Brent Martin from Stark caught up. Shortly after Matt Turi of Stark and Matt Bockbrader of Spin came and joined us. Matt B. hung with us for a couple laps, but after that it was just us 3 (Martin, Turi, myself). We had 1 1/2 minutes over the field. And then they started some tactics, trying to attack and get a 1, 2. My legs answered them all and wouldn't let them go this way. On the final lap Brent takes off HARD! I tried to stick with him, I was going 32mph to keep up, but was being dropped like I was standing still. Brent took 1st, I took 2nd, and Matt took 3rd. Speaking of which, the dude rides 20 miles to the race, does our race, and gets a podium, is looking strong in the masters-until that fiasco, and then rides home. Baller. Good job to all the SBR guys as well!

90 degrees and sunny.
New Martinsville, WV Road Race

So a 46 mile road race with some killer climbs, 10lbs of winter meat still on my bones, and the decision to combine cat 1-3s with the 4-5s; things were looking pretty bleek.

But the race must go on.

The first climb 10 miles in- which makes Boston Mills Road look like a little roller i attack. This sparks a 6 man group. It lasts for a few miles until the field catches us. I felt like being the carrot at the end of the stick.

So I attack hard. In fact I attacked so hard that I went solo 26 miles ala jeremy grimm at last years valley city race for the win. It ended up being a hilly time trial. With about 8 miles left the cop told me i had over a mile on the next guy. So I get pumped and start hammering. Ended up with 1st in 4/5. And 1st overall. Proud to rep the orange and blue down there. congrats to joe who i went down there with on his 2nd place in the 4/5s.

Had some free beer and chilli afterwards. Yum.

Next week is going to be RATL #3 and Covered Bridge #3


  1. Awesome! I knew you were going to rip it up this year, but you're still surprising me. You probably have the points to cat up by now: Two weeks, two seconds and a win. Congrats, Scott.

    - Jim

  2. thanks!
    where the heck have you been?
    are we going to see you this weekend?