Monday, November 22, 2010


Kirtland is an awesome course. My favorite local one. Had a good race going(atleast for me) sitting around 8thish, feeling strong. After the climb up the stairset, we took the 'belgian descent'. My tire must have felt it was a good idea to find a very large sharp object. My tire didn't realize that by doing that it would get a large gaping hole in it immediately. My first reaction was heard by the entire ampitheater. And for those with small children around; i'm sorry. Roll into the pits. grab my 70psi bald mud2-(thanks doug from ba, and nate szabo for helping out.)

Race= over. Not over, because I still finished, but over. I lost too much time in the pits, and it was towards the end, couldn't gain much if anything.

On a lighter note, we headed over to the Happy Dog afterwards and had a jolly ol' time. I'd say about 40 people or so showed, it was nice to recap the season, and eat tots.

No states for me. pretty bummed about it.

Monday, November 15, 2010

2 interesting things on my ride today

I saw 2 things of interest on todays ride.

1. A Tesla Roadster. Pretty Sweet. Saw it in Strongsville. Sure, I see ferraris, lamborghinis, astons, and bentleys out on my rides, but those aren't as unique. The tesla ties with the Ariel Atom I saw in Berea last year for 'sweet cars seen on my bike' list.

2. A 'Handicapped Child' sign in Richfield. Someone spray painted porn underneath child. As I read 'Handicapped Child Porn', my first thought was 'what jerks for ruining public property', than i thought 'that is very rude and offensive to a lot of people', than i thought 'that was pretty crafty and hilarious'. I love having the maturity of a teenager sometimes.

see you at kirtland.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

thoughts from my smart brain

Thought 1: Spins course is awesome. I wish I did better, but could have done a lot worse. Thanks Spin dudes and dudettes who put on a great event.

Thought 2: My new Smartwool Heavy Ponte Jacket is probably the coolest article of clothing that I have ever used.

Thought 3: This taillight is bananas. B-A-NA-NA-S. By the makers of my beloved radbot 1000. Instead of 1 1.0 watt led, this has 2 .5 watt leds, with an insanely awesome flashing pattern, and not as ugly as the radbot.
Thought 4: I will not be racing this weekend as for some reason I am needed to work in case we get a large mob of people wanting bicycles in November.

Thought 5: I love my tarmac. It is the best bike ever. I like my other bikes, but I don't love them like I do the tarmac. Can't wait to throw on the new shoes.

Thought 6: Ordered a Chris King headset for the new bike. Hopefully a bike I will love as much if not more than the tarmac.