Sunday, March 29, 2009

Malabar Report

The weather turned out to be pretty decent. After warming up I ripped off the baselayer, but kept the kneewarmers on. Only a few sbr guys were there. I was racing in the 3/4 field, with Craig and Paul in the 4/5s.

24 guys lined up in my field. Big representation from Stark, and Echelon from columbus. The pace wasn't that big of a difference from the 5s i thought. 2 guys went off the front on the 1st lap. John Lowry from Stark ended up going with another guy. The 3rd lap around I tried to pick the pace up a bit on the climb, and see if anyone wanted to play around; nothing really happened. On the way back on the flats with the nasty wind. I gave a half-ass attempt at bridging up to Rick Parr, and see if anyone wanted to come with. Ended up dropping back into the field pretty quickly. On to the final climb to the finish line, I was feeling pretty good, and thought I was able to get in for about 5th. Towards the final kicker my calfs started giving a litle cramping(which has never happened before), and I knew it was over. Lowry pulled off the win. I was still able to get 8th, which is fine by me. First time racing with 3s, or 4s for that matter, it was nice to ride with some new people.

It was nice to get out and freshen up on riding in the pack, and reminding my legs what a race-pace can be. I am hoping to get down to the Deer Creek Road Race April 11th if I can get off for that.

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