Friday, June 25, 2010

but for now...

I must make do with what I have. These will be used this year on the trek.
Chris King Cross Hubs.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


OH bike shop dreams when its really busy can only mean one thing... 2011 releases starting to come in. I WILL get a 2011 CAAD10 frame.

I LOVE the road bike i am on now I could only be happier if it were an S-Works. I also like my cross bike.

Do I build up a caad10 road frame and build it with campy just because I've always wanted both a caad frame and campy just to say I've had it. But when would I use it?

Do I build a cx10 frame? I could build it up with sram- and transfer over my new badass wheels and brakes I am getting for the Trek this year (more on that at another date). Make the Trek my Winter Bike, and make the cx10 a badass cross racing machine? Ohhh that sounds good.

oh, and when are carbon Dura-Ace pedals finally going to be released?!

okay. Sub 16lb caad10 cross bike slowly being built up for fall of 2011 sounds good.