Monday, April 13, 2009

Deer Creek RR, the reester bunny ,& alpe d'huez

Saturday was the deer creek road race. I hitched a ride down with ted pablo and brett sudetic. We got there and saw a TON of cars. Huge turnout. It was also extremely windy. Brett and I had decided that we could go together off the front and try to make it stick.

Well... I just was either mesmorized by how large the field was or something. I raced very, very passively. In fact, I must have been in the very back of the field because I didn't even notice Brett go. I didn't attack at all. Ended up just finishing with the field. Wind slowed the field down to a pitiful pace and I did nothing about it. I Will be more aggressive next time. So, 0 points in this years first race. 13/41.

Sunday was candy day. I ate a 'reester bunny' Instead of a chocloate bunny, it was a giant reeces peanut butter cup shaped as a bunny.

Monday I got out for a good windy 63 miles. I climbed alpe d'huez-(bedford reservation), and avoided the rain. Legs got a good beating.

Next weekend I plan on doing RATL#1 & Covered bridge race #1.

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