Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a loss, a win, a loss and a win

Chippewa- AWESOME RACE! Wish I got into a better position. my fault, I probably wouldn't have got in the money anyway. loss.

Vultures Knob- Win. Sport class, but a win. I can now upgrade to 'expert'. and get my ass handed to me.

Westlake 5/25- tire blows out with 2 laps to go- loss, pete baughman wins the race- win.

Next up,
Das Tour De Frankenmuth (in my best impersonation of Conan O'briens impersonation of Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Real Windy.
I mean, really. It was Windy.
Try to be blocked from wind, doesn't help too much anyway.
Take off early for sprint, because as everyone knows I can't actually 'sprint'.
Best field finish at RATL this year. Ended up 9th. 1st cat 3. (not that it matters, but I like to polish turds)

I know thats not a picture of me at RATL. But its proof that I ride mountain bikes.

Next up,
Chippewa Creek. See you there.

Monday, May 3, 2010

RATL #3 , OMBC #2 the Grassman, and dorky bike stuff

Saturday was RATL #3. Debut of the new helmet. Legs feeling better. Took a few flyers, and was fairly active in the race. My sprint sucks. Went from the race to brecksville to meet up with some of my non cyclist friends and did a recovery ride from brecksville to the winking lizard on the towpath. I somehow spent $30 by myself.

Sunday, I decided to switch gears and play in the dirt. I raced sport class. It was dry when we lined up, and off we went. I got the hole shot, looked back and they were wayy back there. By the top of the first climb, another rider latched onto me. I was pacing the first lap, and we got a good lead. I happened to take the wrong line in the rock garden, and had a pretty nasty crash. The other rider thought I was dead. I wasnt. But my bike frame is all scratched, and my tailbone is killing me today .It was nice riding with Jordan(the other rider) though, he even chilled at the top of the wall on the first lap for a minute til i caught up. 2nd lap sucked. It started raining pretty good. Me and the other rider were still together when we hit 'the wall'. A gajillion ft climb hill where it was a hike a bike. I was dropped here, and luckily only had a mile to go. I somehow got 3rd place. Neither me or the other rider remember seeing 2nd place guy pass us?? Must have somewhere though. I didn't get the win that I wanted, but atleast I got $19 bucks and wasn't eaten by the grassman. I would like to race at vultues knob on the 22nd, and have a better result.

In other non-related news. I got this little guy:

The most euro-pro saddle bag you can find. Scicon Phantom 230. Made in Italy. Can only stuff a tube and a small c02 air chuck in there. Attaches to the seatpost via the roller 2.0 quick release system. So just twist the entire bag for it to release. Also another cool little feature is it comes with 2 tire levers sort of built into it as seen here:

A little heavy with the quick release system. But worth it for the pro points.

oh, and heres a little picture to help bridge the gap between talking about the amazing features of a seatbag and the Bone thugs: