Friday, October 23, 2009

a few reviews

1) Race Across the Sky (film) Amazing cinematography. They really captured a lot of emotions and the feeling of the race. Within 15 minutes, I wanted to move to colorado and ride bikes for a living. If you are a hardcore cyclist, weekend warrior, just interested in the sport, or just like a real interesting movie about accomplishment this is a must buy on dvd.
Besides the several pro riders they were following, there were other stories of the amateur riders, which helped give many perspectives of the race. Really cool. Two thumbs up.

2) Rays 09-10 (giant indoor bicycle park) I will only discuss the changes from last year.
First of all, I really miss the kona jumps. I miss the redbull jump.

So, the rhythm room is geared for bmxers. Riding a 26" is really really tight. I still haven't mastered clearing all of the small (kona sized) jumps. It is super tight to keep the speed without flying off of the edge.

I mustered up the courage to attempt the medium jumps (huge), but not as big as the huge jumps (Extremely gigantic). Anyway The 'medium' jumps are also really hard to get through. I am able to clear the first 2 big jumps, but then its a 90 degree turn. With the pro line last year, the kenda hip was really easy to master, no such luck this year. This will be a challenge to clear both of these. As for the big line. not in this lifetime. They are really really really big.

Next up is the pump track- I love how this thing is continuous now, my only gripe before was you had to stop after one lap. They also added a fun little jump in the middle. Only issue now is it is a little difficult to get up and down from the ramp.

The XC changes aren't huge. Only major stuff is the redbull box is now a couple of dropoffs. The sport room has just a few extensions to the obstacles nothing huge. The larger entrance is nice as well. Well, my back is messed up from all the jumping that i haven't done since april. Time to throw on the biofreeze.

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