Tuesday, October 13, 2009

UCI3 Wrapup

Day 3 was harbin park. Legs are starting to get a little stale, but nothing to worry about. The course ended up being fun and tough. The field was huge. I ran through the sand everytime- probably a mistake on my part. The slow grinding uphill before the sandpit was just killer- i came to almost a complete stop at the top. I always would make up time on the screaming downhill- brakes are for the weak. The drums and bongos and tons of spectators made it really fun. I ended up with 24th. I think the 'Newports' gave me 1st in style points however.

I can't think of a favorite course. All 3 were different. Friday was a slop fest, and I ended up doing okay in it, keeping my rubber down(somehow) , and riding past the road weenies. Saturdays weather was beautiful, I liked the sandpits, and had a great bunch of people cheering me on. Sunday had a fun screaming downhill, and a sweet mud pit, and the coolest atmosphere.
I will be going next year for sure! I will sign up sooner than the very last minute.

Great job to all my teammates and local riders who raced their hearts out down there.

Next up, Spin's Cross my heart and hope to die cyclocross spectacular.

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