Sunday, October 18, 2009

I rode my bike and it got dirty

cool pic compliments of RobertS

I rode my bicycle at the Spin Cross my heart and hope to die cyclocross spectacular. It was fun. It was a little chilly before the race started. My belgium knee warmers held up great however. I was the very last person to line up. No biggie. I passed a good few on the sprint to the hill. The hill sucked. It was steep. I couldn't run up it. I had to walk it.

Ended up riding with Chip the Rip Meek for a good portion of the race. The baseball diamond was fun I thought, and that cool little steep 15foot downhill. The last lap I pushed the pedals hard and on the 2 little hills after the big run up, and was able to put a gap on the guys around me. Finished 14th.

Afterwards was cycling related fun and merryness with all the cool kids who ended up going to the willoughby brewing company. My team TLE raced super well today! Great job to all those who put up some good results.

No racing this weekend for me. But I am going to be watching the Leadville movie Thursday night. Contact me if you would like to join.

This posts soundtrack is dedicated to flecher since he got me hooked on the pit.

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