Monday, November 2, 2009

Mr. Crappy McSlowpants

Yep. That was me this weekend. I have tons of excuses I could come up with like the typical racer tends to do, but I'll just go with the most probable cause: suckage. The suckage meter was off the charts when I showed up saturday and sunday.

Saturday I was off the back within a lap, Sunday, same thing. I wasn't going to go on Sunday, but a motivational speaker called me and reminded me that I'd be kicking myself in february when theres a foot of snow on the ground, wishing i had been outside enjoying a nice sunny 50 degree day in november.

I am glad I went both days. I got to see my teammates put out some amazing results! With quite a few podiums(including standing in the middle in the B and A races) Great job TLE!.

Hanging with the GCA crew was fun as always, beer hand ups, and chickens on the course were great too.

I had such a good time sunday, I ended up chilling in the backyard until 9pm with bob, brett, johnny, and gary

Thanks to Brett Davis and company. I will return next year with a vengeance.

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