Saturday, October 10, 2009

UCI day 2 Java Johnny's

Todays race was awesome. Much nicer weather! Great spectator weather. The 2/3 race had a LOT of people in it.(i heard a rumor of 100 people starting) The pileups started as soon as we hit that first grain of sand. Soon enough things got spread out a bit. I felt good again. I only made one mistake every single lap, which was running up the short steep hill, while most everyone else rode it. I don't know, it seemed slippery, and I wanted to make it all the way up. Not sure how I ended up at all! I will let you know when the results are up.

It was great weather to cheer on Bill, Rudy, Julie, and Matt in their races.
Some highlights from watching the races:

I bought a cowbell for $3.
Jeremy Powers bunnyhopped the barriers almost every lap for the crowd.
Ryan Trebron is 9'13".
People were getting beer hand ups.
I got sunburnt.

Harbin Park tomorrow.

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