Friday, July 10, 2009

TOTV day 1

TT- First TT. It wasn't that fun. I guess the point is to ride your bike as hard as you can for a specific amount of mileage and try to get the lowest time out of anyone. Everyone had these space-age looking bicycles with goofy wheels and things erecting off of the handlebars. I rode my road bike and felt dorky. I ended up dead center of the cat 3s with a 12:58 time over the 5.6 mile course which works out to somewhere around 25.9mph average. The winner had an 11:47 - that is moving.

Trying to find lunch was kind of hard. We went to downtown canfield, and tried to go to 'Barney's Deli.' It was in the basement of an office building where there were offices right across from the tables, and the door to get in was a blanket hung on the door frame. We booked it out of there just incase it turned out to be Uncle Barneys Rape Dungeon. We finally ended up at some pizza joint which made a very mediocre pizza but at the price of $5.50 for a medium 1 topping, I wasn't complaining.

Crit- Sweet course. I rode like a wussy and my results show that. I finished with the field. It was quick and fun though, so the weekend is a hit so far with me!

Tomorrow is the Road Race. 67 miles of painful fun.

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