Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tour de Grandview

Awesome venue! I will be sure to come next year. No rain. Ton of fans. It was really cool.

I took a warmup lap and somehow ended up lining up very last in a 73 person field. Not the place I want to be if I was planning on placing well. Regardless the laps flew by, and the announcer as we were coming around mentioned how the breakaway was ahead by a bit. Sweet. I didn't know there was a breakaway. I guess that is what happens when you line up in the very back of a huge field. Well, final lap comes, and the hill finish comes. I put the afterburners on and won the field sprint. I felt so good too, i wish i found my way into the break. Regardless, I still ended up getting in a money spot for 11th place. Next up is TOTV -hopefully 'the man' lets me off for it.

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