Sunday, July 19, 2009

Troy Classic & Tour D' Burg

I wasn't able to find anyone to join me for the trip down to southwestern ohio. But, off I was saturday morning down to troy ohio. As soon as i get out of the car the ambulance squeezes by me and takes someone out on a stretcher. Well, thats not very welcoming. But, what was welcoming was the Whacky Wavy Inflatable Flailing Arm Tube Man that was awaiting for me at registration. Onto the race.

The ref was just talking, saying it will be a few mins until we start, etc. Then all of a sudden blows the whistle, while half of us are just standing around not even clipped in. The race had about 4-5 crashes. It rained for a little bit of it, and that probably helped contribute to some of it. I was near the front for a lot of the race with Brent Martin, and a National Engineering rider. Nobody else seemed to want to pull through. The bell rings, and I am slowly moving my way up. Coming around the final corner I believe I was in a decent position to get in a money spot, but I got stuck behind the final crash on the last turn, and had to pretty much ride onto the sidewalk to avoid running someone over. Blah.

Troy Ohio is not an interesting town.

Sunday I arrive at Miamisburg to some nice, warmer, sunnier weather. Whistle blows and we take off. Few laps in, and I took off attacking out of the final 2 corners before the straightaway. I ended up on a solo breakaway for about half of the race. After winning 2 primes with no contest, I need to slow it down a bit if I want to finish the race. 1 rider bridges up, so thats enough recovery for me- I jump on his wheel. First turn on our 2 man breakaway and he goes down in the corner for what reason I don't know. I slam on the brakes, skid, somehow clip out and land on my feet, and pull my bike out of the street before the pack came by all in one motion. I wish they got it on video, it was beautiful. No damage to my bike, and just a slightly crushed fingernail, so I head off to the pit. Get back in and am part of a 4 man break for a lap or 2. We get caught. I am tired. I finish in the back of the field. I felt strong, but really wish I could have stuck that solo break. I am wuss. And the 2 primes I won were kind of wimpy.

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