Tuesday, July 28, 2009

zoar no more - but atleast a good tuesday nighter

'The Man' has me working all weekend. So that means no rubber city crit, and even worse- no zoar. I was really looking forward to this race. So atleast I was able to get over to Westlake for some racing. It was warm, and humid. I got my normal quarter mile warmup in compliments of working till 6pm. The race started and my legs felt like crap. I drifted all the way to the very back with the intentions of just sitting on the back for the rest of the race if not drop out and become a spectator.

My legs must have received a proper warm up after those few laps. Mitch looks like he is going to move up in the field, and maybe go catch the breakaway, I decide to join in the fun. We work hard to move up to them (it was mostly mitch towing me) as we make our way onto the breakaway group. Long story short, I actually stuck with the break until the end of the race. By far my best westlake this year.

Now I really need a standard crankset. Because when the sprint came, I was in my 50x12 and got passed like I was standing still. Hope all have fun this weekend at zoar.

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