Monday, June 1, 2009

a week off the bike

I hadnt had a chance to even touch my bike in a week. So Sunday I finally had the time to get in a ride after work. In preparation for my next race- Voted one of the top 10 hardest race courses by velo news, I decided to do a few climbs on my ride.

I hit up Wallings Rd, Cady Rd, Wiltshire/Boston, Truxell, and Boston Mills. I got passed by a Gallardo on truxell. The exhaust resonating off of the trees was awesome. Got in 57 miles.

Tuesday night, I am going to try to rush over to westlake and race after work.
And then Saturday is WV.


  1. that elevation profile is scary! you being a sea-leveler might just be getting altitude sickness on the finishing climb! Just hit harley hills a few times at the end of rides, that's where the pain really is. I've gotten 2:45 up that from stop sign to stop sign. see what you can get.

  2. hmmm.. i'll have to time myself next time I head up there. its just down the road so i'll try it soon!