Wednesday, November 10, 2010

thoughts from my smart brain

Thought 1: Spins course is awesome. I wish I did better, but could have done a lot worse. Thanks Spin dudes and dudettes who put on a great event.

Thought 2: My new Smartwool Heavy Ponte Jacket is probably the coolest article of clothing that I have ever used.

Thought 3: This taillight is bananas. B-A-NA-NA-S. By the makers of my beloved radbot 1000. Instead of 1 1.0 watt led, this has 2 .5 watt leds, with an insanely awesome flashing pattern, and not as ugly as the radbot.
Thought 4: I will not be racing this weekend as for some reason I am needed to work in case we get a large mob of people wanting bicycles in November.

Thought 5: I love my tarmac. It is the best bike ever. I like my other bikes, but I don't love them like I do the tarmac. Can't wait to throw on the new shoes.

Thought 6: Ordered a Chris King headset for the new bike. Hopefully a bike I will love as much if not more than the tarmac.

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