Monday, November 15, 2010

2 interesting things on my ride today

I saw 2 things of interest on todays ride.

1. A Tesla Roadster. Pretty Sweet. Saw it in Strongsville. Sure, I see ferraris, lamborghinis, astons, and bentleys out on my rides, but those aren't as unique. The tesla ties with the Ariel Atom I saw in Berea last year for 'sweet cars seen on my bike' list.

2. A 'Handicapped Child' sign in Richfield. Someone spray painted porn underneath child. As I read 'Handicapped Child Porn', my first thought was 'what jerks for ruining public property', than i thought 'that is very rude and offensive to a lot of people', than i thought 'that was pretty crafty and hilarious'. I love having the maturity of a teenager sometimes.

see you at kirtland.

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