Friday, October 29, 2010


It is so choice. If you have the means to make the trip, I highly suggest it.

Got a 3rd row start thanks to signing up real early. Sucks for whoever lined up beyond 100, except for flecher who if had started 3rd row probably would have won both days.

1st day- 18th
2nd day-26th after a stupid stupid crowd pleasing fall with my wheel coming out of alignment again.

My stupid costume hasn't arrived for Davis' so Im stuck with a half ass attempt at one in the wee hours leading up to it. I'll be there Saturday, but will miss Sunday as I have been requested to work by 'the man'.

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  1. You should have gotten a front row start with that all black longsleeve suit.

    "4) Skinsuit to temperature ratio: The more inappropriate your skinsuit is for the weather, the further up you go. Long sleeves with a feed zone in the race because it is so hot? Move up. Shorts in KC in December. Move up. There is usually a direct correlation between the liniment and skinsuit rule."