Monday, November 22, 2010


Kirtland is an awesome course. My favorite local one. Had a good race going(atleast for me) sitting around 8thish, feeling strong. After the climb up the stairset, we took the 'belgian descent'. My tire must have felt it was a good idea to find a very large sharp object. My tire didn't realize that by doing that it would get a large gaping hole in it immediately. My first reaction was heard by the entire ampitheater. And for those with small children around; i'm sorry. Roll into the pits. grab my 70psi bald mud2-(thanks doug from ba, and nate szabo for helping out.)

Race= over. Not over, because I still finished, but over. I lost too much time in the pits, and it was towards the end, couldn't gain much if anything.

On a lighter note, we headed over to the Happy Dog afterwards and had a jolly ol' time. I'd say about 40 people or so showed, it was nice to recap the season, and eat tots.

No states for me. pretty bummed about it.

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