Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I have an $84 chain

So apparently my chain was 'completely wasted'. So I replaced my pc-1030 with a 1090r. I think it will make me faster.

Work was boring, so I came up with a list. Before next season I plan on adding:

White bar tape to replace my mummywrap
New white SLR to replace my ragged SLR
thomson stem and new bars to replace my oem giant garbage
Red crankset(standard) to replace my compact truvativ
Carbon wheels if I find a money tree.

I have a taste for milk. And by milk I mean victory at the milk race. And by victory, I mean I plan on going and having a good time, and maybe race decent.


  1. It won't. Riding with me will make you fast. Your chain, however, will explode if you are able to keep up which means you technically won't be faster but stranded on the side of the road holding an $84 piece of limp, wasted steel.


  2. I can't ride with you. You are always too busy 'vacuuming' and doing other domestic chores. Reality is, you are afraid of the humbling watts my turbo powered jets put out. And even if the above scenario were true; atleast i would be holding a swank 255 grams in my hand.