Tuesday, August 25, 2009

final westlake of 09

I arrive and get a different colored jersey and shorts thrown in my face. I decide to put them on and get comfortable. I was part of a 4 man break for a few laps with Brian Batke, Zak D, and Bob Martin. We were caught with 5 laps to go. With 3 laps to go another break formed. I bridged up to it. It dwindled down a bit on the last lap. I of course had the worst sprint of the 7 guys left. But, I'm happy with a 7th at that race.

Afterwards was food and drink and merryness. Fun times were had by all.

So now we have cross, and also soon to be Rays season. I just had my good old buddy Steve throw on this RockShox Argyle 409 mint colored fork on since the RST crap that came with it blew a sea,l and is impossible to contact the company.

I would like to do one last hoorah on the road bike at the long street tour if possible.

See ya'll round

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