Tuesday, October 5, 2010

C-town puts the Beat-down

cap city race domination
1-4 place in the 'B'race all TLE members. 1-6 in the 'A' race. All said 8 lake effectists went down and all came up in the money. Nice job team.

Got a good spot in the start. Proppe took off like a bat out of hell and was off the front. Weeks and PM rode me off after the 2nd or 3rd lap. Cameron, Greg, and myself were riding together for a few laps. Cameron attacked on the paved section, and put a 15 sec or so gap on us. Greg and I rode together for awhile trying to catch Cameron. We were getting within about 5 seconds according to people yelling' only 5 seconds!' at us. Last lap my back was starting to really yell at me. Greg pulled away slowly and caught Cameron. It was a sprint for 4th with Cameron taking it. I rolled in for the last money spot in 6th. Pretty happy with my result. Nice job reppin' cleveland dudes.

NEXT UP: The best weekend of the year. (Cincy)

I even got to ride with this guy for a little bit

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