Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kirtland Park

Well I forgot to do ksu, so... i raced. and sucked. okay, next.

The weekend all started when johnny P and myself decided to ride down on a little urban ride and then meet up to help out on Saturday. After a few hours, the course was about 90% setup. We set off for the ride home, but have to stop and get some grub. A new joint called Ohio City Burrito looks enticing. It was really amazing. Fresh, gigantic, and they had this 'horatcho' stuff which tasted like cinnamon toast crunch in liquid form. Everything was going well until we decided to try the Ass Reaper(ass-raper) hot sauce. It was so flipping hot, and every pothole on the way home made it want to come back up.

After a night of having some enjoyable adult beverages, I awake to a truly beautiful day. I knew there was a big turnout when I had to park halfway down the driveway.

Line up and next thing you know we're off. Quinlin hits the deck and the entire group swings out, luckily noone else goes down. Getting in the groove of things after a few laps I am doing pretty well probably between 10-12th place. Rudy soon passed. Next up Eric Lesco and Zak Dierenger get by me. I am hanging on Zaks wheel. On the stairs where you ride up the side zak couldnt make it up and I wasn't ready. Got off the bike on the wrong side and had to mount on the left. And I came close a couple times, but could never close the gap. Rolled across in 16th. I was happy with that, ever since Spin's willoughby race I haven't been doing too well. I would consider todays race performance pretty good; as for the 15 that were ahead of me, thats just because I'm slow.

Great Job to Team Lake Effect today! We had some great results(yesterday as well at capcity), and had a ton of people help out with the course. Happy Birthday to Julie! And with birthdays come cookie cake... yum.

Boughton Farms is next. see you there.

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