Sunday, December 6, 2009

Boughton farms was really cold.

I lined up back row, and off we go. We hit the singletrack and come to a dead stop. The first few laps I rode through the mud in the field, decided to switch to running afterwards. My fastest part was on the back stretch smooth ride down to the barriers. I was able to close gaps or pass here. The barriers were smooth except for the one lap where my left foot didnt quite unclip. I hit the barriers, but landed on my feet(making this entire years cyclocross race and pratice crash free). Does that mean im not going fast enough? probably.

Thanks to all the racers/hecklers/volunteers/barriers/runups/mudpits/sandpits/flats/mechanicals/beer&cheer that make the magical cyclocross season!

As I prepare for riding in the long, cold, harsh winter fighting my SAD; I just ordered this new light from PDW. The PDW Radbot 1000. PDW has 2 guys that used to work for planetbike, so their new 1 watt taillight should be the next big thing. It has really cool flash modes, and a reflector incase the batteries die.
Heres a video:

RADBOT 1000 from PDW on Vimeo.

hit me up if you ever want to do any riding this winter!

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