Monday, May 18, 2009

Tour of Kensington Valley

It's 4:01am. I am laying in my bed not wanting to wake up. 4:02 I get up. On the road by 4:30. Get to the metroparks at 7:30.

You know you have to pay 4 bucks to just enter the metroparks up there?! what a rip.

HUGE HUGE HUGE turnout. cat 5 was filled. cat 4 had 65. I think over 260 pre-registered. It was drizzling off and on before the start. The rain started easying up by our start time.

57 miles. First lap I flex the muscles for just a bit with a little flyer. 2nd lap I went on the big hill pretty hard again. A few miles later the michigan points leader was starting to inch away from the field and was looking back for someone to join. I'm game. Another guy - the junior race leader had joined us. Freaking fast kid! So it was the 3 of us with a pretty good gap on the field. About 20 miles after our break started I completely cracked on the hill. I rode solo for a few more miles in some tough wind, and the field came and caught me. Well, I stuck with them for maybe a mile, and then I got dropped by them. Ended up just not even doing the last lap. My legs were toast.

Pretty disappointing. I was really hoping to take the W here. Looks like I'm going to be a cat 4 for a little longer.

Taking a break from the road bike this weekend. I think im going to try my mtb racing debut at the vultures knob on saturday.

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