Thursday, May 7, 2009


Had to work tuesday so I missed the first westlake race. Weds I worked and it poured so i missed the weds. night spin ride. So with Thursday off, I decided to dust off the mtb and hit up mohican state park.

It rained about 1/2" rain the night before, and the rain wasn't supposed to come today until 3-4ish. The trail was in pretty good condition a few wet spots, and the last mile was a little sloppy, but otherwise pretty nice. The rain came down about 20 minutes after i finished.

My front brake pads are worn down 95% which made for some of the fast downhills a little sketchy. One cog in the middle won't hold the chain, which was annoying for shifting over it. I forgot my gloves,and my hands hurt bad after about 15 miles. Otherwise, it was a nice day, saw nobody out on the trail, and didn't crash into a tree, or go down. Even the two big climbs seemed like nothing as compared to last year when they felt so tough. It was nice to switch it up a bit and ride on the dirt. RATL Saturday. Go Cavs!

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