Thursday, December 30, 2010

i am so fat i broke my bike

see. told you.

I was all ready to put my brand new SKS p45 fenders on for this winters riding. So I grab my bike and go to the power washer a few doors down to rid the mud from the last cap city race. Then I noticed that.... Darnit. I really liked that this trek doesn't say 'trek' a gigajillion times on it, and everyone knows red is fastest. sigh.

So me and Proppe head out for a ride on the road bike. Instead of heading out at 9:30- we decided not to due to the tons of ice covering the streets. Headed out @ 1pm and got back @ 6. Got 73 miles in. dang. Even saw the infamous PM out and about. Fun ride. But the last 11 solo miles were miserable. Made it home in time for a clif bar, chicken sandwich, soup, and a hot shower, a 45 min nap, and then 2 slices of tremont famous Edisons Pizza w/honey and some brews.

Happy New Years everyone!!

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