Thursday, September 9, 2010

cross culture

While everyone knows that cyclocross is the most fun sporting enviroment outside of base-ketball, that game where you do the slam dunks in an arena full of trampolines, and american gladiators; I believe some people are forgetting one important aspect.

Yes, I'm sure you know that heckling is a great way to piss off/make your friends smile while their turning their lungs inside out. For example when we were heckling Szabo to death the other day. Right after my very boisterous 'quit playing in the sand- what are you david hasselhoff?' to(which I pat my self on the back for quick thought wittiness). Szabo then preceded to die. Not really, but his leg cramped up and he was in pain. We got alot of dirty looks. But it felt great, knowing that beneath the agony that he was going thru, we helped make his day.

Secondly, everyone knows about beer. It tastes good. Open up a bottle, it may smell like cyclocross. Nothing tastes better after a hard 60 minute effort than a cold beer. Like that delicious Yuengling Mr. Bill Marut was so kind to offer. Nothing has ever tasted better in my life. Know whats better than beer after the race? Beer during the race. Sometime in the history of cyclocross some genius had a great idea to hand-up beer to racers during a race. Thank You to whoever thought of that.

Lastly and most importantly is facial hair. Now, I have been seeing some lack of facial hair at the first local race. Which is understandable, seeing as it is the very beginning of the season, however I hope to see an increase in facial hair participants. I know not everyone can do it, some because of their job, some because it itches, and John Proppe because he hasn't reached puberty yet. But I ask you all to put in a valiant effort.

Get Growing!

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