Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Steel City Showdown

cool shot from 3/4^

I guess I can do a race report. Even Dave Steiner is doing back to back race reports, so I might as well.

First of all I just have to say that the city of Pittsburgh is pretty nice.

Okay on to the race. I signed up for 2 races, because if I'm gonna make the long haul out of state, I might as well get a killer workout in.

3/4 race- Had 80 pre-regged. So somewhere between 80-100 starters. Very large field. It seems by lap 2 we had 60, lap 3 40, and soon we were down to maybe 20. On the final lap that I could use a free lap a bag flew into my drive-train, It took me and a camera wielding spectator what seemed like forever to fish it out of my pulleys. Bell lap comes, remain calm, didn't feel like Kamikaziing a whole lap, though that may not have been a bad idea now that I think about it. Final climb up the hill and I put the Gwatts down. Had to tap the brakes for just a second as a rider came a little too close to squeezing me into the very sharp bridge supports. Got back into Gwattage mode, and had it. 2 guys knicked me at the line. And I guess 1 was up a few seconds. So I ended up in 4th. I'll take it. I need points, and I need money. I really need to work on my bike throwing skills.

1/2/3 race- Was pretty beat after the previous race. Lined up planning on tailgunning it. Which is pretty much what I did. The race was slightly different. There was a crash 3 seconds in from the start- no exaggeration. Again the field got shattered pretty good in the first few laps. I held on for dear life and dropped out with 8 laps to go.

hanging on for dear life in the 1/2/3^

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