Tuesday, January 4, 2011

long boring nothing to do with bikes or anything post

So Hey Scott! How have you been?

Oh, not bad, I haven't had my car since before Thanksgiving, but its cool.

Why's that?


Okay. Well my car has been running perfect since I've owned it the last 65k miles. I just had a small suspension issue that needed to be taken care of. (axle)- couple hundred bucks, whatever. My dad says he'll take it into his work- an an-named dealer, and maybe save a few bucks. Well, the parts been back ordered a couple times, okay, about 2 weeks later its supposedly done. Maybe. Paid 600 already.

Dad starts car up to see how it drives, it is fucked. completely. Misfiring, stuttering, etc. so they keep it another week or 2 and pretend to work on it. Dad gets tired, takes car across street to a mazda dealer. Mazda dealer replaces a lot of stuff. Few weeks later, get a call saying its ready. Go to pick it up, start it up and it sounds weird.... okay, its been sitting awhile. Drives weird... okay, its been sitting awhile. Total cost is now up to $3200.

Drive home stop at bike shop, car dies in parking lot. Go to autozone buy new battery, doesn't fix issue. Call tow-truck, take it back to dealer. Still there.
To make matters worse, my dad likes his job and doesn't want to lose it.

So to sum it up. It's cost $3200. Car is still in the shop. My car came in working great, came out completely ruined, and I still don't have a car.

woe is me.

So for now, I am just lusting after wrx wagons in case my car is totaled and someone 'makes them pay'

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