Thursday, June 24, 2010


OH bike shop dreams when its really busy can only mean one thing... 2011 releases starting to come in. I WILL get a 2011 CAAD10 frame.

I LOVE the road bike i am on now I could only be happier if it were an S-Works. I also like my cross bike.

Do I build up a caad10 road frame and build it with campy just because I've always wanted both a caad frame and campy just to say I've had it. But when would I use it?

Do I build a cx10 frame? I could build it up with sram- and transfer over my new badass wheels and brakes I am getting for the Trek this year (more on that at another date). Make the Trek my Winter Bike, and make the cx10 a badass cross racing machine? Ohhh that sounds good.

oh, and when are carbon Dura-Ace pedals finally going to be released?!

okay. Sub 16lb caad10 cross bike slowly being built up for fall of 2011 sounds good.

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  1. I want a CAAD10 with SRAM. Enough said.