Monday, April 5, 2010

How I spent my spring vacation

I originally was planning on taking a little trip to PA for some riding this weekend. Unfortunately some circumstances came up, and that was out of the cards. I've had no work or anything to do since 3/31. So it went like this:

Weds- 52 miles, went at a decent pace. hit some hills including hines hill and boston mills rd.

Thurs-46 miles down in columbus with Greg. It was 85 degrees, and the trail that cut through campus was packed with scantily clad college girls. I was really upset we didn't take the trail that cut through the Polish Grandmothers of America compound.

Fri-51 miles up into Lakewood and Rocky River at a quicker pace than thursday. Lots of people out in the park, but not as many as in columbus. I think the riding down there sucks compared to cleveland, but the amount of people outside and doing things was huge.

Sat- 30 miles at Mid-Ohio Grand Prix. Super Windy, threat of t-storm. Almost didnt go, but I did. Sun came out, and the wind died down just a little bit before we started. I finished with the group, but did nothing spectacular except feel like hurt. Tough wind, seems like the field dwindled down a bit from the start.

Sun-35 miles at Mohican- 25 of which was offroad. Beautiful day. Couldn't ask for it to be nicer. I finished the loop, and it was too nice out, so I just rode on the road for a little bit more. Met up with Johnny and Cameron on Wally road, and ended my day. Trail was in perfect condition.

Mon-17 miles at Vultures Knob (2 laps) Knob. Trail was in great shape. Had the trail to myself.

My new mountain bike is amazing. My last bike limited me. I am really going to enjoy riding this thing, and hope to do more mtbing this year.

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