Saturday, February 13, 2010

i tried a new sport

I found out I am not good at cross country skiing.

I have never skiied before, downhill or xc; and I've been wanting to try it. So today Szabo and I head out to Chapin to give it a go.

I tried skate skiing at first and could never get the rhythm down, had zero technique, and stumbled all over the place.

I then tried classic style and although i felt much more comfortable on them, I did the most falling on these. They were tough to maneuver in.

On almost every downhill, I took ugly tumbling falls. Going down the 'death drop' as I named it, I was going to walk it, but was told by some strangers to just do it. I did. I fell. Twice. I now have a cut/bruise/bumped shin. Thanks strangers.

I would like to try it again however. It was horrible, but fun. I think I might want to give it another go with the skate style skis.

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  1. it takes a while to get used to skating. I've been doing it for years and my technique is pretty bad at the start of every season.

    if you try it again, a good way to get started is to do loops in the field near the parking lots by the lodge. For a while, don't use the poles and try to get the stride down.

    Another tip I learned is to keep your mental focus on your center of gravity instead of your hands and feet.